Our Expertise


We specialize in searches for Director level all the way to the ‘C’ Suite for corporate and property level roles:

  • Human Resources
  • Operations/GM/VP
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Revenue Management
  • Food & Beverage / Culinary
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Asset Management
Handshake after a successful offer

Our Search Strategies Customizable to Meet Your Needs


Designed for more senior-level roles, our retained strategy is the ideal option for the most critical and competitive searches.

63% of our searches

For searches that demand the rigor and intensive focus of our retained option but may require less urgency.

14% of our searches

When clients have less urgent or critical talent needs but still want access to industry-leading professionals.

23% of our searches

Our Process

Success doesn’t happen by accident. It's the product of hard work and the right strategy. Our process is designed to promote a partnership in which our hard work earns your trust and the right strategy gets you the results you desire. As with any healthy partnership, it requires open and honest communication, as well as mutual respect. We know that top talent always has options, but we believe that our process can help you win that competition while also maintaining your organization's reputation for professionalism and integrity.

Phase I

We conduct a preliminary consultation to learn more about your company and develop a detailed diagnostic for the position and the needs of the company.

Phase II

After the consultation, we get to work reaching out to our network of contacts, researching the most relevant talent and developing a target list of companies and prospects. Candidates will undergo multiple interviews during which we dig deep to understand motivations, leadership styles, and how they went about achieving what they did.

Phase III

Before ever presenting you with individuals for consideration, we collaborate with you to gauge the best prospects on our short list. The interview process begins with only those who meet or exceed the success profile we developed with you. While we may speak to more than 100 individuals during any given search, you will receive only a handful of carefully selected, pre-qualified profiles to consider.

Phase IV

Once you are ready to make an offer, we liaison between the two parties to ensure you will get a ‘yes’ to the written offer. We are your advocate during this process and we will remain engaged to ensure a smooth transition by guiding the candidate through resignation and onboarding.

We're ready to leverage your organization's excellence with our extensive resources to deliver a winning strategy that brings top talent to your company. Contact us today to start your search.